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Malahide, malahide by spartanics, hot stamp, hot stamping, hot stamper, foil stamp, foil stamper, foil stampingMalahide by Spartanics is a leading manufacturer of professional grade hot stamping machinery.  Malahide hot stamping presses have been installed in over 35 countries.  Malahide by Spartanics Hot Stamping Equipment has a pristine reputation for high print quality, all electric mechanism and low noise level.  The Malahide by Spartanics Hot Stamping Machinery  is commonly used for:

  • Paper & Plastic Cards
  • Printed Ribbon
  • Narrow-web Textiles
  • Retail Packaging
  • Holograms


Hot Stamping is an industrial printing process that is commonly referred to as: foil stamping, hot foil stamping, gold stamping, gold blocking, dry stamping, imprinting and embossing.  A popular example of hot stamping is the hologram that can be located on credit cards, debit cards and other security related items and documents.  Hot stamping is also found on ribbons, awards, poker chips and other promotional items.


The hot stamping process involves a heated metal die, colored foil and a desired product to have a stamp printed.  The metal die is heated and pressed against a colored foil that touches the desired product.  The foil graphic is permanently transferred to the desired product where the raised surface on the die touches the foil that pressed on the product.


  • Durability
  • Cost Effective
  • High Value-added
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Chemicals or Disposal Issues

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Product Models

Malahide E4-CC Plastic Card Machine
Malahide E4-CC Plastic Card Machine, malahide, malahide by spartanics, e4, e4cc, e4-cc, plastic card, machine, machinery, equipment, hot stamp, hot stamping, foil, The Malahide by Spartanics E4-CC Plastic Card Machine is designed to hot stamp plastic card blanks.  The E4-CC Plastic Card Machine can apply four principal foil stamping applications to plastic Read More
Malahide E2-TR Ribbon Machine
malahide, e2, e2-tr, ribbon, hot stamp, foil stamp, machine, spartanics, malahide by spartanics The E2-TR is a fully automatic, multi-color Ribbon Printing System. Running at speeds of up to 7,200 impressions per hour, the E2-TR is commonly used to hot stamp award ribbons, Read More
Malahide E4-PK Poker Chip Machine
malahide, malahide by spartanics, e4pk, e4-pk, poker chip, machine Malahide by Spartanics offers a professional machinery solution for the high demand of hot stamped poker chips.  The Malahide E4-PK Poker Chip Printing Machine is an application specific edition of Read More
Malahide E4-PC Thin Card Machine
malahide, malahide by spartanics, e4pc, malahide e4 pc, thin card, spartanics The Malahide E4-PC Thin Card Machine is built to handle hot stamping of paper and plastic cards that are less than 20/1000″ thick.  The E4-PC is commonly used to apply Read More
Malahide E4-NB Hot Stamp Machine
malahide, malahide by spartanics, e4nb, e4, nb, flat plastic, hot stamp, press, machine The Malahide E4-NB is designed to automate your high volume hot stamping of flat plastic components, such as: badges, tags, frames and small signs.  The Malahide E4-NB Hot Stamp Machine Read More