Plastic Card Punching: Quatro Card Technology Emerges as a One-Stop Printing Shop

by Siamak Naziri, CEO, Quatro Card Technology

As one of the world’s newest card manufacturers, Quatro Card Technology has had to develop a strategic approach to succeeding in a highly competitive market. Quatro Card Technology evolved from its parent company, Stonegraphic, ( as a division of an organization with over 20 years success in offering printed paper-based commercial and secure products. Quatro was developed initially to serve the needs of our established customer base at Stonegraphic. It became a natural business expansion to be able to provide our customers the additional products that Quatro can deliver. Quatro can offer customers a one-stop service environment by printing and personalizing plastic products while Stonegraphic supplies the associated paper requirements such as carriers, inserts as well as a full range of paper card products. In addition, all pre-press requirements are handled by Gladstone, ( another division of our family of companies. This combination of services creates the one-stop shop that our customers find cost effective and efficient. With all three divisions working together, product quality is unmatched anywhere.

Quatro Card Technology’s initial customer requirements were comprised of plastic products ranging from hotel key cards to gift cards. Soon customers were coming to us for specialty sized cards as well as standard CR80’s. These orders were accompanied by the paper-based products that serve as collateral.

Quatro’s product line now ranges from specialty and standard size gift cards, library cards, phone cards, member cards, key tags and card and key tag combinations, to name a few, and still includes all collateral needs. Because Quatro fulfills all personalization specifications on all card sizes, customers are presented with a complete package of services.

Through long established successful business practices we made it our mandate to continue to offer the one-on-one relationships that our established customers were used to, and to further that style of customer care with all new clientele.

Quatro Card Technology’s success has, in part, been achieved through the careful selection of equipment and personnel necessary to grow the business and to continue to meet all customers’ needs. Quatro’s goal at start-up was to source equipment that would offer flexibility, quality and cost effectiveness so that orders as small as 50 cards or as large as 1,000,000 or more could be delivered in a timely fashion and at affordable prices.

By investing in equipment offering the latest technology available, Quatro has been able to offer clients a complete package, lower prices and improved turnaround times.

A critical step in Quatro’s overall plan was the purchase of two Spartanics Card Punching Systems —one equipped with hard tooling and another equipped with steel rule dies. While the speed and accuracy of the Spartanics system is important, it is actually the flexibility afforded by the steel rule punch that helps to give us the greatest competitive edge. With the Spartanics steel rule die cutting system we can do the different sized card products that our customers are seeking.

In short, Quatro’s full range of state of the art equipment allows us to offer the newest products on the market today. Quatro was initially established to serve the changing needs of our clients and our growth and success in a very short time is testament to our commitment to continue this service.

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