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D&K is a worldwide manufacturer of thermal laminating films, heat-assist films, and pressure sensitive over-laminates as well as thermal laminating equipment and wide format laminating equipment. For over 25 years, D&K has been an innovative force in the thermal lamination industry – from the introduction of the first automated cutter for the two-sided market to the most recent introduction of SuperSticki – a revolutionary adhesive system designed specifically for difficult-to-stick-to substrates.

D&K sister company is D&K Coating Technologies. D&K Coating Technologies entered the marketplace as a custom coater and manufacturer of pressure sensitive over-laminates, mounting adhesives, and other specialty films.

D&K manufactures a wide variety of equipment with regard to cost, size and speed so that customers will always find the right equipment for their needs. D&K’s laminating systems are comprised of an automatic stream sheet feeder, the laminator itself, and an automatic separator or cutter, depending on whether it’s a one- or two-sided system. D&K equipment is modular with accessories such as a cutter and feeder.

For two-side applications, D&K manufactures small industrial machines to large commercial systems. What makes D&K two-sided equipment unique is their patented rotary process. Most two-side laminators have stationary heat shoes that scratch and stretch the film. D&K’s rotary process — a heated roller that runs with the film — eliminates those problems.

D&K Thermal Laminating Film.

D&Kï’s film is a 2-ply product which consists of over-laminate film and adhesive which is dry to the touch. The over-laminate layer of film is particularly suited to any end application which requires good contact, clarity and durability. General characteristics are excellent clarity, outstanding toughness, exceptional strength, stress/crack resistance, good flexibility and chemical resistance. The adhesive layer relies on heat activation during the lamination process. When heated, the adhesive melts to a tacky condition, where it is married to the printed sheet under extreme pressure. When cooled to a solid again, the adhesive provides a high strength chemical bond. Their adhesives give superior bond strengths on a wide variety of substrates: paper, board, vinyl, styrene, synthetic stocks, metal, plastics, etc.

Compared to other finishing processes, D&K film offers important handling, processing, storage, use, and economic advantages for any application.

Polyester (PET)
is an outstanding film for most any application. It features excellent scruff and scratch resistance, durability and good folding characteristics. It is the industry’s most popular film.
Applications include book covers and dust jackets, presentation folders and video cartons. PET has high tensile, tear and impact strength and retains these outstanding properties and remains tough and flexible once applied

Polypropylene (OPP)
has a good overall balance of properties and is a favorite choice in the industry due to its combination of price and good overall characteristics. It is the clearest and brightest of all films.
Applications include write-on/wipe-off calendars, posters, presentation folders and labels. Because of its softness, OPP folds extremely well

Nylon is the film of choice for most book manufacturers due to its curl-free capabilities. It is a durable product with excellent scuff- and scratch-resistance

SuperSticki is an innovative new film offered by D&K. It offers superior adhesion qualities that satisfy a broad range of customer applications. This new thermal film is the ultimate choice for new printing technologies simplifying the customer’s decision by offering optimal adhesion to most hard to stick to substrates


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