News Alert for Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Line Unveiled

( Spartanics-Systec announce the release of the Spartanics Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Line, a cylinder-configured screen printing system combining state-of-art electronic control technology and improved machine design features that allow for unprecedented quality and throughput in screen printing operations.

Like all Spartanics-Systec Fineprint technology, the Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Lines are custom-built for maximum efficiency and optimum yields. Some of the many unique features in this breakthrough Spartanics-Systec Finecut Cylinder Screen Printing Line technology include:

-Ability to handle ANY pre-printed material from ANY printing process (flexo, digital, etc.).

-Automatic compensation for screen stretch or shrink, for unprecedented ability to handle multiple print passes.

-Ability to handle ultra-thin substrates as thin as 12 microns.

-Rapid electronic controls replace time-consuming manual adjustments and store up to 2500 job parameters for setting up repeat jobs in just a few keystrokes.

(For a more complete listing of features and benefits of the Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Cylinder technology.

Speaking for the Spartanics-Systec partnership that developed this new technology, Tom O’Hara, President says, “There is a wide range of applications that will be well-served by the faster throughput and higher quality output from Fineprint Cylinder technology—RFID labels and other high-quality label applications, flexible circuitry and luminescent panels for medical and automotive products and similar parts, lightweight airplane cabin interior panels, flexible solar panels, textile transfers, among others. We expect that users of the Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Lines will quickly become the most competitive ones in their field because of the higher quality and dramatically improved throughput made possible by the Fineprint Cylinder’s superior electronic controls and software engineering and machine re-design.”

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA-headquartered Spartanics ( manufactures best-in-class technology for both tool-free (laser-based), steel rule die, and male/female hard tool cutting systems, among other equipment for finishing products made from flat stock materials, and in conjunction with Systec also manufactures screen printing systems. Its worldwide service organization uses state-of-the-art virtual service technician technology and also maintains offices and spare parts in Europe.

Systec GmbH ( was established in 2007 as a screen printing manufacturing firm from a prior technical service and sales company TSI founded in 1993.

To place orders or for other Spartanics/Systec product inquiries, please contact Spartanics, + (847) 394 5700, FAX + (847) 394 0409, .


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