Spartanics Announces Automated Batch and Sort for Plastic Card Inspection Machine

For Release at Cartes 2008
November 4, 2008

(Paris, France, Cartes 2008 & IT Security 2008, Stand 3 D 103) A new Batch and Sort Module for the Spartanics 930 Plastic Card Inspection Machine that enables card manufacturers to cut inspection costs by as much as 75-80% by eliminating hand sorts of inspected cards is now available worldwide from Spartanics ( .

The Spartanics 930 Plastics Card Inspection Machine Batch and Sort Module is designed to speed throughput in a variety of applications—

-efficient inspections and sort of gang printed short run jobs.

-automatic sorting of cards by types of quality defects (e.g. four bins—one bin for technical defects, one bin for gross defects, one bin for perfect defect-free cards, and a remaining bin for borderline cards requiring categorization by a human operator).

-pre-set batch counts for faster handling.

-automated sort for shipping, such as ID cards that are produced centrally and then shipped to local offices for distribution.

The Spartanics 930 Plastic Card Inspection Machines have set the standard for card inspection since their introduction in 2002. The Spartanics 930 Plastic Card Inspection Machine is a smart self-learning system that trains on the desired card image in minutes and totally bypasses limitations in operator training. The Spartanics 930 provides 100% inspection of both sides of cards, including microtext, OVI, bar codes, UV/IR security features, surface defects, and a wide range of other defects. Data matching and verification of bar codes against a database is also readily accomplished.

Rolling Meadows, Illinois-headquartered Spartanics ( engineers and manufactures a range of automated equipment for card inspection, card punching, and card counting, among other technology to increase accuracy, efficiency, and security in production and counting of flat stock material. Its worldwide service organization also maintains offices in Europe. For orders or product inquiries, please contact Spartanics, + (847) 394 5700, FAX + (847) 394 0409,


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