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The Malahide by Spartanics E4-PK Poker Chip Machine is an application specific edition of the popular E4-NB and E4-CC machine designs.  The E4-PK is able to stamp 3,600 poker chips per hour with a clean and crisp stamp every time.


The E4-PK is built to feed 11.5 gram chips from 40 ~ 41 mm in diameter.  Best results have been achieved with ABS chips that have a steel-slug core.  Using the E4-PK, one can apply:

  • Metallic, Pigment, Holographic and Effects foils
  • Initials
  • Custom logos
  • Scratch-off patches
  • Sequential numbers (optional)
  • Security holograms (optional)


Chips pass from right to left through the E4-PK (figure 1 ).  The process begins by stacking up to 125 chips in the chip stack (figure 2 ).  Feeding from the bottom, a shuttle moves the chip into a track system, and then advances it beneath the print head.  Once printed, the chips continue to advance through the track until discharged onto an incremental conveyor (figure 3).  The chips advance down the conveyor until they reach the accumulator where they are turned on their side and horizontally stacked (figure 4).


One central CAM mechanism supplies mechanical power to the entire machine (figure 5).  Smooth and precise, all bearings and parts are purposefully oversized to ensure long life and durability.  The E4-PK generates up to 8 tons of pressure, more than sufficient power to produce dazzling foil stamped chips.

An all-electric machine, the E4-PK uses an electric motor as its power source, not pneumatics like most other hot stamping machines.  This means that with the E4-PK, you don’t need a high-end air compressor, plus you eliminate 100% of the inherent issues of pneumatic equipment.  Furthermore, the E4-PK runs cleanly and quietly, making it suitable for use in a home or office setting.


The CAM mechanism powers the print head, pulling it down from all four corners (figure 6).  This results in an even dispersion of pressure across the print head.  A central heater runs the full length of the head to ensure even heating.  Four leveling screws on the top of the print head allow for fine adjustment (figure 7).   A central pivot allows one to rotate the head 5 degrees each way for fine alignment.

The E4-PK’s print head flips up to reveal the chase area (figure 8).  Equipped with our X / Y Chase system, one is able to center the print on the chip by incrementally adjusting the chase left or right, up or down.  The E4-PK is delivered with a 1″ x 1″ die holder.  A type chase for initials is also available.


The E4-PK uses 2 major styles of diemaking:  Copper or Steel, Mounted Dies.  Poker chips are a relatively hard surface to stamp onto, so it’s important to use the stronger copper or steel dies.  Shown below (figure 9), copper die plates are mounted type-high to produce a 1″ x 1″ die.


One of the most popular applications for the E4-PK is stamping initials onto chips.  Initials are stamped using a set of type (figure 10).  One gathers the letters to spell out the monogram, locks them into a chase and then stamps them at once.


All electronic components are brand-name (mostly Omron) and solid state.  A modular control box design allows for quick repair in the unlikely event of a component problem (figure 11). The Control Box (figure 12) of the E4-PK features the following electronic controls:

  • Jog / Set-up button
  • Power switch
  • Run button
  • Stop button
  • Motor speed control
  • Reverse button
  • Digital batch counter with auto shut-off
  • Analogue heat control


The E4-PK’s standard foil feed (figure 13) accepts foil rolls up to 1,000 feet long, wound on a 1″ core.  Most chips are stamped using a 1″ wide roll.  The foil feed offers adjustable spacing between images.  The example below (figure 14) shows the 2″ maximum spacing between images.  To maximize foil consumption, the E4-PK can pull as little as 1/8″ between 1″ images.


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