M535 Plastic Card Punching System

Registration precision does not get any better than this with Spartanics M535 Plastic Card Punching System!
Configure your M535 Plastic Card Punching System with 3-Up, 4-Up or 5-Up dies as the job and your production schedule require. At up to 165 strokes per minute, you get consistent precision registration accuracy in 3 axes (X, Y, Rotation) within +/- 0.1 mm or better.

Plastic Card Punching System

M535 Plastic Card Punching System

The unique feature of re-registering in all 3 axes at every press stroke makes the M535 Plastic Card PunchingSystem and all other M500 models the world’s highest precision blanking systems—within the two hair’ width that the human eye can see. Registration precision does not get any better than this!

Long life male/female dies give you millions of hits and can be re-sharpened to give you millions of hits more. These are the world’s best value hard tools. You get the lowest cost per cut possible. For standardized male/female dies, you get quick delivery of emergency back up dies whenever needed.

Spartanics Universal Die Holder™ lets you interchange standard male/female tooling with progressive dies, compound dies, steel rule dies, and dies from any manufacturer.

Add to this die versatility, the M535 Plastic Card Punching System’s inherent design flexibility to efficiently interchange coil or sheet feed, and a wide array of output modules for a maximum efficiency in parts extraction.

Punching downtime becomes a thing of the past. Spartanics M535 Plastic Card Punching System modules can be easily removed for servicing and replaced with loaner modules provided by Spartanics at no cost.


Features & Benefits

Accommodates 3-Up, 4- Up or 5-Up dies:

  • Outputs up to 35,000 cards per hour

Electro-optical sensors scan registration marks at up to 165 strokes/minute:

  • Highest production outputs

Precise registration in X, Y, and Rotation axes with every press stroke:

  • Unsurpassed cut-to-print registration accuracy (+/- 0.1mm or better)

Accommodates wide variety of tooling options and tooling from all major manufacturers:

  • Utilizes steel rule dies, male-female hard tool dies, progressive hard tool dies, and compound hard tool dies–provides versitility to create simple or complex and multi-featured die designs

Modular design accommodates coil or sheet feed and a wide range of input and output mechanisms:

  • Flexibility for changing job requirements. Handles sheeted materials up to 730 mm (29”) x 760 mm (30″)

Handles wide range of paper and plastic materials:

  • Virtually unlimited capabilities to handle jobs for diverse markets

Computer storage of jobs and automatic re-positioning of steel rule dies:

  • Quick changeovers with minimal scrap

Multilingual and graphic icon touch screen:

  • Easy-to-use with minimal operator training

Extra long-life male/female dies:

  • Lowest cost per cut boosts bottom line

Superior edge quality from proprietary die designs:

  • Superior edge quality means lower costs from reduced rejects

Fully automated handling mechanisms for input and finished parts including the optional Magazine Loading capability:

  • Scratch-free products

Equipment loaner modules provided at no cost:

  • No downtime during servicing

Pre-set batch counts:

  • Efficient operation with minimal operator intervention

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