M73 Strip Starter

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Spartanics automated handling systems are guaranteed to boost your bottom line by minimizing expensive manual labor, and often eliminating it altogether.

Load up to 20 strips per minute of material directly into a Spartanics M500 Plastic Card Punching or Die Cutting Systems with the M73 Strip Starter for dramatic improvements in both press efficiency and worker safety compared to manual loading methods.

Keep employees’ hands out of the presses, and keep the presses rolling at top speed!

The M73 is easily rolled in and out of place so that you can use it for sheet feeds or wheel it away for coil fed operations.

Compared to manual loading, the M73 increases your average throughput. Not only does each punching and die cutting proceed at a faster pace, but your operators are free to oversee several machines at once.

Other applications for a modified M73 would be to unstack and feed either Porous or Magnetic Sheets. These materials can be difficult but the M73 is the answer.

Features & Benefits

Automates loading of up to 20 strips/minute to M500 Decorated Material Punching and Die Cutting System:

  • Safety and output improvements compared to hand-fed operations

Roll in and roll out modular design:

  • Facilitates quick changeovers between sheet-fed and coil-fed jobs 

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