M960 Automatic Sheet Starter

Automatic Sheet StarterMinimize Material Handling!

Spartanics automated handling systems are guaranteed to boost your bottom line by minimizing expensive manual labor, and often eliminating it altogether.

Spartanics M960 Auto Sheet Feeder uses sophisticated optical sensor technology for glitch-less feeds of sheets up to 73cm (29”) long x 76cm (30”) wide into the fully automated Spartanics M500 Plastic Card Punching and Die Cutting Systems.

The M960 eliminates time consuming manual labor and associated costs of hand feeding. You get scratch free handling at top production speeds. Easy-to-use, the M96 lets you do job set ups in minutes!

Use the combination of the M500 and M960 for complete and worry-free loading into the world’s best die cutting and punching systems!


Features & Benefits

Fully automated sheet feeding:

  • Cuts costs of hand feeding operations

Provides fully automated sheet feeding of M500 Punching and Die Cutting System:

  • Worry free loading into the world’s highest precision punching and die cutting system.

Sophisticated Optical Sensor Technology:

  • Glitch-less feeds of sheets up to 73 cm (28.7”) long x 76 cm (30”) wide.

Easy-to-use multilingual controls:

  • Requires minimal operator training 

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