Artwork for Cards : E4-CC Plastic Card Machine


Although the chase of the E4-CC can be configured to accept a wide variety of existing die making systems, we recommend you use 11 point magnesium or copper dies.  Dies are trimmed to 2 x 3.5″, drilled with locator holes, and then screwed onto the heated platen in 2 places.  The purpose of screwing plates to the chase is to enable one to precisely locate multi-color artwork in relation to the mounting holes.  This rigidity of location significantly simplifies the set-up and registration of multi-color jobs, while also keeps the die securely in place during stamping.

The E4-CC is designed to use 11 Point Magnesium or Copper die plates. Produced by an outside diemaker, die plates are chemically etched in vats of acid.  Durable for up to 50,000 impressions, and lasting for years, dies plates cost between $1.25 ~ $3.50 sq”.

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Multi-color artwork can be run on the E4-CC by running the card through in multiple passes.  Whenever setting-up a multi-color job, be careful to ensure that the color-separated artwork stays consistently placed relative to any mounting holes.  The goal is to translate the computer precise registration of the artwork into the dies.


Hologram dies are typically made of steel, although some manufacturers employ silicone dies.  Steel hologram dies need to be finely polished so that the hologram applies with a high brilliance.

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