Artwork & Dies for Poker Chips: E4-PK

When stamping poker chips, there are 2 principal diemaking methods used:

  1. Logos, graphics and denominational amounts are stamped using copper dies
  2. Initials are stamped using brass or steel type


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Mounted Copper Dies

Provide Crisp and clean impressions while also being the most durable.  We suggest that you purchase these dies from  The specification is: 1/4″ copper, raised, wrong-reading, mounted type-high on a magnesium base and then pinned.  Creating the artwork is simple.

Center your artwork within the 1″ x 1″ die area (figure 1).  Verify that the artwork is correctly sized to fit within the printable area of your chip.  Save the image in Black & White, including the crop marks (figure 2).  Send the saved file to your diemaker.


Poker chips are a relatively hard (as in dense) surface to print against, and thus lead-composite type is too soft to withstand repeated impressions.  We recommend you sue brass or steel type.  Although initially more expensive than standard type, it lasts for years and over time will in fact be less expensive.  Our preferred supplier is:


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