Types of Die Cutters for Ribbon Machines

The Malahide E-Series Ribbon Presses are able to cut the web into segments of between 2 ~ 36″. Cutters are made using .918 steel-rule blades and are available in several standard styles:

Pinking Cutter

  • Most commonly used on ribbons, a pinking cutter is the jagged zigzag cut found on the top and bottom of most award ribbons.


V-Pinking Cutter

  • Award ribbon manufacturers appreciate the way in which the v-pinking cutter saves time and effort by making 2 cuts at once : a pinked cut on the top of the ribbon, and v-cut on the bottom.


Circle Cutter

  • Rosette manufacturers value the ability to stamp and cut rosette centers fully automatically on the E2-TR or E4-TR Ribbon Machines.


45-Degree Angle Cutter

  • Wedding Ribbon Manufacturers use the 45-degree angle cutter to neatly angle the ends of their ribbon favors.


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