Spartanics Industrial Packaging Machinery —for the Finishing Touch that Makes the Difference

Spartanics finishing equipment for industrial packaging machinery lines of all types MAKES THE DIFFERENCE— both in quality and costs of production
• Spartanics Carton Laser Cutting Machine

With throughputs up to 100 m/minute and cut precision of +/- 0.1 mm for ANY GEOMETRY, this is the finishing solution of choice for a wide range of applications, for contract pharmaceutical packagers to agricultural or food products packagers, to wine, spirits and beer packaging and every conceivable packaging design that requires creative packaging machinery innovations to create the quality products envisioned by the packaging designers.

-Cut Costs—no tooling costs, significant savings in scrap materials and setup time
-Handles virgin or recycled stock with ease
-Optional bar code feature to change cut configuraiton on-the-fly—especially important to contract pharmaceutical packagers and other industrial packaging machinery users with an increased number of short-run jobs
-Auotmated removal of cut parts optimized for carton stock materials
-Proprietary fume extraction mechanisms

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• Spartanics Die Cutting Machinery

Are you looking for creative packaging machinery options for your finishing line?

Users of industrial packaging machinery that are seeking a low-cost and high quality alternative to rotary die cutters or platen presses will find Spartanics Steel Rule and Hard Tool Die Cutting Machinery provide a competitive advantage for demanding new packaging designs’ cut-to-print registration accuracy. With Spartanics Die Cutting Machinery—both steel rule die and hard tool—you get flaw-free cuts to within +/- 0.1mm cut-to-print accuracy.

As flexible as you want it to be, and as you need it to be…The modular design of Spartanics Die Cutting Machinery lets you interchange steel rule dies in minutes or switch to hard tooling for longer runs.

You can also alternate sheet-fed or coil-fed or sheet- jobs, use a wide array of input and output modules that can be re-configured for changing job requirements.
Spartanics also provides many extraction devices, universal or air-cylinder knockout stations, for automatic removal of parts from scrap web.

Rely on Spartanics’ proven expertise in both optical registration accuracy and superior material handling for defect-free results—in even the most demanding applications such as contract pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics and beauty products packaging, fashion and apparel products, housewares, and more…

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• Spartanics Paper Counting Technology (400 Series Stack Counters)

Contract pharmaceutical packagers that need to provide audit trails for regulatory compliance.
Industrial packaging machinery lines finishing expensive composite, plastic, or high-grade paperstocks that need to control inventory costs…
Folded carton manufacturers…
Anyone who needs an accurate (99.5%+) and FAST (127mm per second) count of sheets or folded inserts can use the unsurpassed Spartanics Paper Counting Technology.
-visual or audio alarms for pre-set counts
-audit trails
-loading table options

Click here for more information on Spartanics Paper Counting Technology (400 Series Stack Counters)

For more information on Spartanics industrial packaging machinery finishing solutions, including features for regulatory compliance important to contract pharmaceutical packagers, contact Mike Bacon,, +847-951-9743.

Here is the short list of applications requiring creative packaging machinery solutions where Spartanics technology will help…

•Contract pharmaceutical packagers
•Food and beverage packagers
•Fashion, textile and apparel packagers
•Beer, wine and spirits packagers
•Beauty product, perfume and cosmetics packagers
•Printed packaging
•Card and board game manufacturers
•Electronics, AV equipment and lighting products packagers
•Stationery/greeting cards manufacturers
•Video game packagers
•Office equipment and supply packagers
•Clock and watches packagers
•Glass and tableware packagers
•Giftware packagers
•Luxury goods packagers
•Sporting goods packagers
•Houseware products packagers
•Pet products packagers
•Kitchen and bath product packagers
•Retail product packagers
•Hardware and power tools packagers
•Building supplies packagers
•Dairy product packagers
•Agribusiness packagers
•Appliance packagers
•Automotive component and aftermarket products packagers
•Industrial materials packagers
•Medical device and medical supplies packagers
•Plastic products packagers
•RFID products packagers
•Solar products packagers
•Aerospace component packagers
•Computing hardware packagers
•Dental products packagers
•Diagnostic imaging equipment packagers
•Seafood and fishing industry packagers
•Mobile device and telecom products packagers
•Toy packagers
•Vitamin, dietary supplements and nutriceutical packagers
•Egg and other poultry products packagers
•Composite products manufacturers and packagers
•Industrial materials and industrial products packagers
•Chemical products packagers
•Biochemical products packagers
•Adhesive products packagers
•Industrial lubricant products packagers
•Cleaning equipment and supplies packagers
•Pest control products packagers
•Homecare products manufacturers and packagers
•GPS products manufacturers
•Florists and nurseries

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