Spartanics Technology for High-Quality AND High Margin Nameplates Manufacture

Your customers’ demands for higher quality nameplates at lower costs can be achieved easily with the suite of Spartanics’ technology for nameplates manufacture, including:

• Die Cutting Machinery

Spartanics M500 Die Cutting Machinery–either hard tool or steel rule die—has set the standard for decades for high precision cutting of light metals and plastics used in nameplate manufacturing.

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• Automated Registration Feeds

Unsurpassed registration accuracy and fast throughput—Spartanics’ automated registration feeds cut production costs for nameplates significantly.

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• Laser Cutting Machines

Intricate cuts in any geometry—Spartanics Finecut Laser Cutting Machine has numerous software innovations that allow worldwide nameplate manufacturers to get 100+M/min web speeds with precision cuts of +/- 0.1 mm with multiple ease-of-use features that also cut productions costs for nameplates made from a wide range of substrates.

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•***NEW*** Spartanics M250 Registration Shear

Spartanics extremely accurate registration shearing at production speeds up to 1200 cuts per hour—and NOW with the state-of-the-art software engineering that distinguishes all Spartanics technology and brings nameplates manufacturing technology to a new ease-of- use standard.

Learn more about Spartanics Spartanics M250 Registration Shear …

Spartanics is THE single source for nameplate manufacturing technology for a wide array of nameplates applications—

• For manufacturing nameplates of steel, aluminum, PVC, polycarbonates—and more!

• Aerospace components

• Appliance nameplates

• Automotive parts , truck and SUV nameplates

• Biomedical instrument panels

• Marine product nameplates

• Composite material printed faceplates

• Computer nameplates (hardware, peripheral devices, computers, PC, Macs, laptops)

• Consumer electronics

• Agricultural equipment nameplates

• Handheld devices

• Hardware and industrial equipment nameplates

• Office equipment identification plates

• RV nameplates

For a no-cost engineering analysis of how Spartanics technology for manufacturing nameplates can cut your production costs contact Mike Bacon, Spartanics VP,

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