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Spartanics is able to customize your die cutting equipment with options that are best suited for your specific applications.  Please read below to learn about some of our most common add-on features that Spartanics has to offer.  If you are interested in a particular component that you do not see below or have questions regarding further capabilities of your die cutting equipment, please contact us by filling out our ‘Contact Form’ or call us directly to speak with a die cutting specialist- +1 (847)394-5700.


Die Cutting Equipment Option Sheet Part ExtractorThe Spartanics Sheet Extractor is able to remove individual die cut parts from a sheet of die cut parts. This component is the most efficient scrap removal method when using steel rule dies.  It also comes with a 6’ long conveyor to neatly shingle items for packaging.  Controlled by sophisticated electro-optical sensors, the Sheet Extractor is available as a standalone machine or as an added module.



Die Cutting Equipment DIe Cutting System Roll Part ExtractorThe Spartanics Roll Extractor removes parts that remain in a web following the die cutting process with steel rule dies or compound dies.   This process is all completed by the Spartanics Coil Extractor as it rewinds the scrap web.  This module is ideal for all coil-fed applications using lightweight paper or plastic substrates.  The Spartanics Coil Extractor replaces manual or automated knockout methods and pays for itself within months of operation.



part finisherThe Spartanics Part Finisher fully automates extraction of slugs, scrap and stacks finished parts that are ready for packaging.  This module works with any thin non-ferrous material and any die cutting press.   This system replaces manual scrap removal and eliminates fussy knock-out systems.



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For more information on how Spartanics can provide a solution for your specific needs, please contact us by filling out our ‘Contact Form’ or call us today – +1 (847)394-5700.

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