NW140 UV Inkjet Digital Printing System

nw140 nw210

Spartanics has partnered with INX International to develop an in-line digital printing system with laser converting capabilities that has revolutionized the digital printing industry. The NW140 is designed to make your production line flexible with today’s growing market demands. With this digital printing system, manufacturers can now run long jobs and short jobs as well as commit to fast turnaround times. The NW140 provides the true lean manufacturing solution with plate-less digital printing and digital in-line laser cutting all in one.


  • Label
  • Packaging
  • Seasonal Products
  • Customized Packages
  • Variable Data
  • Industrial Products
  • Plastics
  • Foil
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Private Label


  • XAAR 1001 Printheads
  • 7 Channel Color Modes: Precoat, White, CMYK, Clear
  • 360 x 360 and 360 x 720 DPI Resolution
  • Speeds up to 80 Linear Feet per Minute
  • Cutting Areas of 200mm x 200mm
  • Low Heat UV LED Pinning and Curing Systems
  • Environmentally Friendly Inks

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