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Die Dies for Die Cutting Machine Blanking Systems

Spartanics provides manufacturers the best value in tooling.  We offer a wide range of die types for your die cutting machinery.  Each die is geared for value in varying job requirements and run lengths.  All Spartanics Dies are available to come standard or custom designed to fit the needs of your applications.  Our Dies will provide you the lowest life versus cost ratio without any sacrifice to edge quality.

Please read below to learn about some of the most common dies and die cutting options that Spartanics has to offer.  If you do not see a particular option or have questions regarding capabilities for your die cutting machinery, please contact us by filling out our ‘Contact Form’ or call us directly to speak with a specialist +1 (847)394-5700.

Type of Die Component Description

Standard Dies

The Spartanics Standard Dies are the tooling choice for most of the world’s leading credit card, financial card and other card manufacturers.  These Dies can cycle 3 million+ times before they need to be re-sharpened and can be re-sharpened 12 – 15 times over the course of their lifetime.

Progressive Dies

The Spartanics Progressive Dies create multi-featured cards that have somewhat less stringent tolerances, such as gift cards.  These types of dies are used in sequential punching stations and do not require any special extraction process to remove the cards from the web.

Modular Dies

The Spartanics Modular Dies is a cross between the steel rule die and male/female hard tooling.  These dies were specially designed for printers with a niche in specialty advertising.  They are ideal for loyalty cards and smaller applications that require quick turnaround times.

Compound Dies

Spartanics Compound Dies are best suited for long run, high tolerance jobs (several million+).  This die is one of the higher quality selections because it is built with multiple punching operations inside it and creates a finished product encompassing through hole punching, scoring and perforation with a single press stroke.

Hard Tool Dies

Spartanics Hard Tool Dies are machined steel punches and die cavity openings that are designed to last longer.  This type of die is specially designed for longer runs and/or thicker substrates with tight tolerance requirements.

Steel Rule Dies

Spartanics Steel Rule Dies are the most common choice for digital printers doing short-run jobs.  This particular die is inexpensive and an easily manufactured die that can be made into any shape by imbedding steel rule into a flat board made of wood or composite material.

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