Web & Sheet Contact Drying System

Sheet & Web Contact Dryer

Contact Dryers engineered and manufactured by Spartanics and Systec have revolutionized the way manufacturers run their businesses.  The Spartanics-Systec Contact Dryer Lines combine an innovated heated vacuum plate, conveyor belt and an integrated adjustable heated air blower that is easily operated from a touch panel.   Our advanced Contact Drying Machines have proven to be over 5 times more efficient than traditional Contact Dryers.


The material (sheet or web) is fed or placed on to the vacuum belt conveyor.  The Contact Drying System supplies the heat via a heated vacuum plate (with transport belt) from the bottom side of the material.  This type of drying is both, economical and efficient.  Spartanics and Systec Contact Dryers are environmentally friendly because they do not use gas in the drying process like most traditional Contact Drying Systems.

There are four types of Conventional Drying Systems:

  • Contact Heat Drying
  • Heated Air Drying
  • IR (radiation) with air feed assist
  • UV Drying


  • 5 times more efficient
  • Eliminates solvent fumes
  • Reduces drying system footprint and associated costs
  • Temperature data recorder and graphical display
  • Ability to accelerate drying process
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly drying process
  • Ability to accumulate and retain heat
  • Multiple sensors to allow re-heating of drying plate when needed

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