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Malahide, a brand of Spartanics Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of professional grade hot stamping machinery.  Successfully installed in over 35 countries, machines from the Malahide line of hot stamping equipment are commonly used to foil stamp products like : Paper & Plastic Cards,Printed Ribbon, Narrow-Web Textiles, Retail Packaging, Holograms and more.  A Malahide Hot Stamping Press is distinguished by it’s high print quality, a quiet, all-electric mechanism, and a superior level of manufacturing.

Hot Stamping is an industrial marking process best known for the shiny metallic gold or silver print it commonly produces.  The process is also known as foil stamping, hot foil stamping, gold stamping, gold blocking, foiling, and gold leaf.  Most people know hot stamping as the hologram on your credit card, the metallic gold printing found on cosmetics packaging, or in the picture, the gold printing seen on the poker chips.


  • Papers
  • Leather & Vinyl
  • Plastics of most kinds
  • Textiles
  • Ribbon
  • Polyester
  • Nylon


Hot stamping works by pressing a heated metal die against a colored foil and the product to be printed.  Where the raised surface of the die touches the foil and product being stamped, the foil graphic is permanently transferred to product.


The process of hot stamping employs 2 consumable supplies: foil & dies. Hot Stamping is extremely economical : Foil costs at around 5 square inches for 1 cent.


  • Durability
  • Cost effective
  • High value-added
  • No chemicals or disposal issues
  • Aesthetic appeal of metallic printing

If looking for model specific resources for you Malahide machine, please refer to the product models on the side.  As always, you can contact us at anytime and we are happy to assist you with your Malahide!

Product Models

E4-PK Poker Chip Machine Resources
The Malahide by Spartanics E4-PK Poker Chip Machine is an application specific edition of the popular E4-NB and E4-CC machine designs.  The E4-PK is able to stamp 3,600 poker chips Read More
E4-PC Thin Card Machine Resources
The Malahide by Spartanics E4-PC is used to apply dazzling foil stamped graphics, security holograms, signature strips, sequential numbers, and scratch-off patches.  The E4-PC has been designed to expertly handle 4 Read More
E4-CC Plastic Card System Resources
The Malahide E4-CC Plastic Card Machine is able to hot stamp plastic card blanks.  This machine is used to apply dazzling foil stamped graphics, security holograms, signature strips, sequential numbers, and scratch-off Read More
E2-TR Ribbon Printing System Resources
The E2-TR is a fully automatic, multi-colour Ribbon Printing System. Running at speeds of up to 7,200 impressions per hour, the E2-TR is commonly used to hot stamp award ribbons, Read More