Automatic Strip Cutters

AutocutterTrim and Cut with Laser Precision!

Spartanics automated handling systems are guaranteed to boost your bottom line by minimizing expensive manual labor, and often eliminating it altogether.

Card manufacturers, printers, converters, and others using the M950 Autocutter can cut more than 500 sheets into strips automatically and load the strips into a Spartanics Plastic Card Punching or Die Cutting Systems operating at up to 150 press strokes per minute, without scratching, and without effort!

Spartanics Autocutter technology uses laser sensors for the most rapid and reliable sheet feeding in the world.

Material advance drive rolls let you switch between sheet sizes without fuss. Job changeovers are a quick snap!


Features & Benefits

Fully integrated front end for M-500 Systems:

  • Eliminates operator handling and allows full production speeds of 150 strokes/minute.

State-of-art laser sensor technology:

  • Consistent accuracy and glitch-free loading and feeding operation of sheets up to 73cm (29”) x 76cm (30”)

Automates cutting of strip stock:

  • Continuous loading of card punching and die cutting operations

Superior engineered material advance drive rolls:

  • Rapid job changeovers, including switching sheet sizes

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