European Showcase of Breakthrough Spartanics-Systec Technology for Screen Printing and Laser Cutting

( Spartanics-Systec will host an open house demonstration of new screen printing,laser cutting and automated slitting technology on February 17 and 18 in their Bielefeld, Germany demonstration center.

Highlights of the equipment showcase include:

– Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Line 
Featuring electronic controls that ELIMINATE MANUAL ADJUSTMENTS, handle materials as thin as 12 microns, automate adjustments for shrink or stretch, dynamically position web material within 0.1 mm. The system also includes a vertical dryer that uses state-of-the-art heat-plate technology to dry both solvent and water-based inks in a fraction of the time required by conventional ovens.

– Spartanics-Systec Upgraded Screen Printing Heads
Existing screen printing line modified to include electronic controls that ELIMINATE MANUAL ADJUSTMENTS.

– Spartanics Finecut High-Speed Laser Cutting Machine
Tool-free cutting up to 90 meters/minute! Cut-to-print registration laser cutting equipment for label, solar thin film and gasket applications.

– Spartanics-Systec Slitter
Stand-alone slitter handling material up to 2 meters wide at 100 meters/minute.

Mike Bacon, Spartanics VP Sales and Marketing comments, ¡§This showcase will be the first chance for many European screen printers to see the many Spartanics-Systec breakthroughs in electronic and servo-drive control technologies. We also are eager for European and worldwide label converters, manufacturers of RFID and solar products and others who can be well-served by Spartanics Finecut Laser Cutting Machines to take a detailed look at these systems. We find that many who looked previously at competitors¡¦ laser cutting systems are quite impressed by the dramatic improvements in cut quality, web speed, and overall performance of the Finecut systems.



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