Roll-to-Part Laser Die Cutting Machine

Roll to Part Machine (Copy)

Spartanics has earned its reputation as a leading manufacturer of laser die cutting converting solutions through technological innovation and advanced software integrations.   Label converters across the globe continue to experience the benefits of Spartanics laser die cutting solutions through superior cutting capabilities, exceptional production rates and increased profit margins.  As with all of Spartanics laser die cutting solutions, our advanced software technology turns the most complex jobs into  simple tasks by achieving  full automation of label production; ultimately making the operator’s job minimal.

The Spartanics Roll-to-Part Laser Die Cutting Systems has become a necessity  for success in today’s label production industry.   This system is able to run roll-to-roll labels as well as operate as a roll-to-part finishing solution.   It is best suited for label converters that need to extract finished and through cut parts and labels; most often label converters handling sticker and decal orders.  The Spartanics Roll-to-Part Laser Die Cutting Machines come complete with a 400W laser die cutter and an extraction unit that separates your finished label products onto a conveyor.   A myriad of add-on converting options are available to further enhance your label applications.


Spartanics laser converting systems have provided many of our clients with opportunities in new and existing markets, such as:

  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Decals
  • Packaging
  • Medical Applications
  • Abrasive Materials
  • Direct Mail
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Gaskets


Spartanics is able to customize laser cutting systems with add-on converting options of your choice.  The following converting options can add flexibility to your new or existing product lines, as well as, further enhance your label and packaging applications:

  • 350 mm Wide Option
  • 210 mm Wide Option
  • Dual Laser Die Cutting Option
  • UV Coating System
  • Rotary Die Cutting Option
  • Knife Slitting Component
  • Rotary Knife Slitting Component
  • Lamination Device
  • Bar Code Reading

For more information on the available converting options for the L-Series Label Converting Machine, click here.

Registration X,Y
Maximum Web Speed 30 m/minute
Material Cutting Area 350 mm Wide or 210 mm Wide
Maximum Web Width Up to 600 mm Wide
Maximum Roll Diameter Unwind Up to 1000 mm Wide
Maximum Roll Diameter Rewind Up to 1000 mm Wide
Laser Spot Size 210 Micron
Laser Power 400 W
Laser Type Sealed CO2
Laser Power Consumption 24 KWh
Life of Laser Recharge = 18,000+ Hours
Laser Beam Positioning Galvanometer
Power 220 – 338 V3 Phase 50/60 Hz

For more information on how Spartanics can provide a laser cutting solution for your specific needs, please contact us by filling out our ‘Contact Form‘ or call us today at +1 (847) 394 – 5700.

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