Types of Hot Stamping Foil

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Hot Stamping Foil is an essential element of the hot stamping process.  Serving the same purpose as ink or paint, foil is a thin film coated with the layer of color that will be transferred onto your product via the hot stamping process.  Foil is composed of 3 functional layers:

  • A clear film forms the carrier upon which the pigment is laid.  The film is not transferred to the product.
  • A main layer of pigmented sediments that form the actual color that will be seen.  Metallica foils employ a vacuum metallizing process that deposits a mircons-thin layer of pigmented aluminums onto the carrier noted above.
  • The release coating, a heat activated glue that bonds the pigmented sediments onto the product being hot stamped.


  • Metallized Foil
  • Pigment Foil
  • Effects Foil
  • Holographic Foil
  • Scratch-Off
  • Signature Panel


The best known hot stamping application, metallic foils provide a bright shiny metallic look to the finished print.  Although gold and silver are most popular, metallic foils are available in a rainbow of colors.

PIGMENT FOIL – figure 2

Popularly used on plastics and papers, Pigment Foils are typified by their flat, non-metallic coloring.

EFFECTS FOIL – figure 3

There’s a wide world of foil beyond single-color tones.  Options include:

  • Stripes
  • Sparkles
  • Light diffractions
  • Holographic patterns
  • Stone and wood grains



We’ve all marveled at the holograms found on credit cards, security seals, and ID cards.  Applied with a specialized foil feed system that precisely registers each image, holograms add value by improving both security and cosmetic appeal.

SCRATCH-OFF – figure 5

Conceal PIN #’s, prizes, or answers with scratch-off foil.  Scratch-off foil hot stamps just like regular foil, but it does not adhere permanently.  When your client later scratches the foil, the scratch-off patch strips away to reveal the information hidden beneath.  Popular for phone cards.


 Ever wonder how they put the signature panel on the back of your VISA card?  Chances are, it’s hot stamped.

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